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Healthy Living After Breast Cancer- Mind, Body and Soul

Only 19% of patients feel equipped to transition into survivorship. Help us build a community that changes that. 

Survivorship Support Network is

A place for women to gather after active or primary treatment concludes to help them transition to survivorship, continuously learn, develop a sense of belonging and gain exposure to supports and resources that improve their quality of life. 

JUST 4% of action if taken day after day, year after year, leads to massive change.  Your optimal wellness starts with small action in that direction.  

Survivorship Support Network is there to keep you motivated, empower you and be an understanding community of women who share in the experience of breast cancer. 

"Going through treatment was definitely difficult but now I'm done so I'm trying to figure out how to reduce my stress and and enjoy my life again."  - Kelly, breast cancer survivor


Membership Benefits

  • A private community web platform and mobile app that's fun to use and customizable to your interests (this is not another Facebook group!)
  • Member calls or forums to connect with each other, get your questions answered, and learn new information and skills + occasional in-person meet-ups
  • The opportunity to listen/view exclusive Besties with Breasties podcast episodes centered around the four pillars of survivorship. 
  • A growing library of resources. Access to fitness, nutrition and emotional wellbeing experts at no cost. 
  • Member discounts on 1:1 survivorship coaching and other perks.
  • A supportive network of breast cancer survivors available to encourage and motivate you every day of the week!

What Motivated Us  

In my own experience as well as in mentoring patients, it was often after active or primary treatment was over that patients struggled the most. We found most women wanted to make changes to their fitness level, nutrition, or emotional well-being but felt at a loss for where to start. We wanted to create a space to support motivated patients to make those small changes.

-Beth Wilmes Founder of Faith Through Fire

When I was 31 weeks pregnant with my second daughter, a bombshell: Breast Cancer. A humbling experience when you are an example of health to others. I used the experience  to dive deeper into what health meant to me and now I help other women do the same in their lives. Learning what makes you thrive and live to your fullest is at the heart of everyone’s best  life. My purpose in life is to help as many people learn to discover this for themselves and live their best life.

- Sarah Hall Vice President & Survivorship Program Manager 


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